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                                   A Brief History of the Cruzin' Corvettes Club of the Spokane Valley

The Cruzin' Corvettes Club came into existence in 2002 or 2003 when a small group of members of Spokane's dominate Corvette club decided to start a new Corvette Club that was more to their liking. The club was formed as a non-profit Washington State corporation and began monthly meetings.
    It was mid 2003 when I found the club Corvettes parked behind the Dairy Queen in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. I went inside and met the club members. I explained that I owned two Corvettes. When I was invited to join, I wrote a check for dues immediately.
     Nadine Smith was, I believe, the first president of the club. During the next few years the club held numerous cruises and events, including a large car show in Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane, to benefit the Spokane C.O.P.S.
     The club met monthly at Conley's restuarant in the Spokane Valley. During the next few years two more ladies held the position of President of the Club. If I remember correctly, the fourth president of the club was Rich Gauntlet. Rich really worked to have the club produce several very successful annual car shows in the town of Latah, in southern Spokane County.
      The few members who had really worked on the car shows seemed to have "burned out" on their efforts by 2011. With a decrease in membership and little success in attracting new members, by the Fall of 2011 they were ready to disband the club. I suggested that the club open up to all cars, not just Corvettes, to incease membership.
     At the 2012 Downtown Car Show Lance Senter and another Corvette owner expressed their discontent with the dominate Corvette Club in Spokane. They decided to start their own Corvette Club. When they discovered that the Cruzin' Corvettes club was about ready to give it up, they decided to take over the Cruzin' Corvettes articles of incorporation, name, and web site, thus becoming the "new" Cruzin' Corvettes. The club began regularly meeting at Hooters in the Spokane Valley.
      Lance had in previous years produced a series of Corvette Calendars, which included beautiful female models photographed with the Corvettes. Thus, it was a natural for Lance to feature the Hooter Girls with the members' Corvettes on the club web site. If you don't understand this, perhaps you should read this article about why men buy Corvettes.
      Some members of the new organization found the Hooter Girls to be a threat to their wives, (possibly a threat to them also), or somehow demeaning to all women. After expressing their desire to leave the Hooters location, (and failing to do so when a vote was taken), a number of them left the club to do we know not what. So, if you or your spouse are threatened by beautiful young women around your Corvette... perhaps this is not the club for you.
      If you think that beautiful women and curvaceous Corvettes both appeal to real men.. then perhaps you should consider completing the membership application and joining. Don't miss out on the fun of; cruises, social events, and all around Corvette enjoyment. If you do not presently own a Corvette... get one. Think about it... Camaro owners tend to be the people who really wanted a Corvette, but didn't have the guts to do so. Ford and MoPar owners really like their cars, but are still stuck in the teen-age conclusion that a Corvette was beyond their financial means.
      Meanwhile, a five or ten year old Corvette is one of the best value collector cars that you could put your money into. This is true because many Corvette owners are lusting after the new models; so they trade their Corvettes in, and the used Corvettes are rather plentiful. You should be able to find a damn nice older Corvette for under $10,000. You can play with it for ten years and then sell it for substantially more than what you paid for it. Trust me, I have done this more than once.
     I was talking today with a friend in Australia who told me about a friend of his. Seems that he and his wife had a Subaru (which was not his dream car). When his wife died, he immediately sold the Subaru and bought the Corvette of his dreams.

     So, here's the membership ap... we would like to see you at our next meeting or event. (But, if it's beyond you, we understand, and wish you the best in the future).                 --- Will Murray



To become a member of Cruzin' Corvettes Car Club, Spokane, WA,
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Dues: Indvidual/Famly Membership is $20.00. The dues run from August 1st through July 31st, and will be pro-rated accordingly.

Membership Fees: Dues include , club web access, and event calendar. You must be a paid member to vote.

To apply for this Indiividual/Family Membership, fill out this form and include a check made out to the Cruzin' Corvettes for $20.00, and Hand it in at the next meeting or Mail the form to:
Cruzin' Corvettes, 2807 S. Pines Road, Spokane Valley 99206

If you need help with any of the above, call: 509-926-2294