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                                          Mid-engine Corvette Due in 2019
General Motors Co. intends to start selling a mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette in early 2019, according to multiple sources familiar with the company’s planning.
         While America’s iconic sports car has gone through seven generations of upgrades since it debuted in 1953, a mid-engine architecture would be the most radical change in Corvette history. The sources, who asked not to be identified because company plans have not been made public, said production of the mid-engine rocket would eventually be the only Corvette produced. One of those people said the current, front-engine C7’s Z06 and Grand Sport models would continue through 2021.
        The eighth-generation Corvette C8 – codenamed “Emperor” — is targeted for an unveiling in early 2018, sources said.
        “We do not comment on future product plans,” a Chevy spokesperson said.
         One former GM employee with knowledge of the project said, “It’s happening. Mark Reuss wants it,” referring to the automaker’s global product development chief. “It’s the worst-kept secret in town.”Chevy has long been concerned by Corvette’s aging demographic, and a mid-engine performance car could appeal to younger buyers.
         “The median age of the Corvette buyer got three years older while I was there, which scared the hell out of us,” says Tom Wallace, who was Corvette’s chief engineer from 2006 until 2008.

      The Corvette Is Actually More Affordable Than It was 30 Years Ago
In constant, inflation adjusted dollars, the 2016 Corvette is cheaper than the 1986 (and 1996) corvettes. When you considering all of the content in today's car, and it's performance, it is a real sports car bargain. If you optioned up the older models to include things that are standard now, (PS, PB, A/C, etc.), I suspect that they would be more expensive, also.              -- Will Murray



Ave Household Income 

Price in 2016 $

 % Annual Income Required to Buy a New Corvette





























Hey, Think you own that new Corvette that you bought and paid for? Think again. If you want to mess with the software that controls all of those electronic features and your engine... fact is you may find that you are violating copyright law as you are just leasing it. Check out this story that was in this mornings Wall Street Journal:

Driver Assist Technology
Coming to Your Corvette?

Taxing for Highways,
Paying for Bike Lanes

During the Spring Cruise up Steptoe Butte last April we drove at a snails pace trying to avoid the huge potholes in the pavement. Today's Wall Street Journal, (May 26, 2015) had an interesting article on highway tax:

Special edition of Chevrolet
Corvette Z06 C7.R
is coming later this year


The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2016 is truly an intense car to take a gander at, and a unique edition makes it much harder.Every model of the Corvette Z06 C7.R will have the Z07 Performance Package comprising of carbon ceramic brakes and a restrictive VIN imprinted on its chassis. Sit tight as this model will be accessible later this year. Brembo has given the brakes of the car which comprise of ceramic-matrix brake rotors for better gripping and braking due to un-sprung weight.

Harlan Charles, marketing and product manager of Corvette stated, “Combined with the 650-horsepower supercharged LT4 engine, true aerodynamic downforce and performance technologies such as Magnetic Ride Control, Performance Traction Management and an electronic limited slip differential, the Corvette Z06 C7.R Edition offers capability matched only by an elite fraternity of the world’s supercars and special-edition exclusivity that is sure to make it an instant collector’s item.”

The body work isn’t kept aside by Chevrolet, the brake calipers of the C7.R Edition are painted yellow, having yellow accent strip on its dark wheels, the Racing-logo of Corvette is at the middle and carbon fiber is plainly noticeable on the hood.

The inside of the C7.R Edition comprises of carbon fiber trim, yellow complexity stitching, and a sign showing the build number starting from VIN 700001.

Discussing about cars that are made to race, the Corvette Z06 C7.R Edition will give an intense time in rivalry. The car was presented on Friday, by Chevrolet.

The car will give an overwhelming force and power when it will be driven on many turns and straightaways. The supercharged LT4 motor will work in blend with other performance features of the car, which incorporates electronic constrained slip differential, extraordinary footing control framework and “magnetic ride control” suspension.

The car will be accessible in just two hues; dark or yellow.


At the April Meeting we talked about new technology and the impact that driverless cars may have on the Corvette...
Take a look at this video of the AUDI 149 mph Self Driving Car at high speed, Full Lap, on the Race Track


First Photos of the New Corvette High-Performance Hybrid named the


April 1, 2015

 Hey, Calm Down... It's an April Fools Joke  (Don't believe a word of it) 

Following are some interesting comments taken from the Corvette Forum -- See:   

     The Chevrolet Corvette (Probably) Goes Mid-Engine

February 15, 2015 -- From the AUTOMOBILE web site:



         Is A Mid-Engine Corvette On The Horizon?
December 2014 -- From the website

Ah apple pie and ice cream. Friday night football games. Rolling Stones on the radio. A Corvette flying by you, making you feel a bit of envy, awe, and plain down-home American. It can be very convincingly argued that the Chevrolet Corvette is the all-American automobile, with the only possible rival being the Ford Mustang.

One of the aspects that has always defined the American sports car is a front engine, rear-wheel drive configuration. There have been plenty of rumors and reports of sightings about the C8 Corvette being a mid-engine supercar, but some don’t believe that General Motors is going to suddenly convert their most prized sports car from front engine to mid-engine — effectively changing the entire design and performance of this “all American” car. Patrick Rall of TorqueNews says it just doesn’t add up.

“It is one thing for the company to do away with the hideaway headlights or the round tail lights, but changing the drivetrain layout of the Chevrolet Corvette seems like a break of tradition that GM just wouldn’t attempt. Although a mid-engine Corvette could provide exceptional performance compared to the current C7, an engine mounted anywhere than under the hood just wouldn’t seem right for the Corvette.”

Of course, not everyone agrees that a mid-engine Corvette won’t happen. After decades of talk, it appears the mythical mid-engine Corvette is a real possibility, as Car & Driver’s spies have managed to glimpse what they believe is a prototype for the long-conjectured model.

According to WorldCarFans, GM has been relatively secretive about the next-generation Corvette, but the mid-engine model is expected to be launched in 2017 and will be named the Zora ZR1. It will reportedly be sold alongside the Corvette C7 for a few years before the old car is phased out.

The popular MotorTrend agrees that the mid-engine Corvette will be a go. Father of the Corvette — Zora Arkus-Duntov — seriously wanted to build a mid-engine ‘Vette. Only GM’s board stopped him, who seemed to prefer the faster, powered models. Perhaps that’s why it is rumored the ’17 ‘Vette will be named Zora — to finally give the inventor his wish.

Reactions from die-hard Corvette fans across the globe are many and varied. One commenter said he saw no reason at all to change the American icon.

“Chevy would be absolutely FOOLISH to completely abandon the traditional Front Engine/Rear Drive formula for the Corvette. Nothing wrong with ADDING a rear-mid engine platform to the mix in the form of the Zora or next-gen ZR-1, but dropping the current Front Engine/Rear Drive formula altogether would drive me to Vipers, which I prefer not to do. I’m only 33 and on my 4th Vette and hope to stay with Chevy for my 2-seat sports cars in the future. I have a lot of sport car business to give a manufacturer before I kick the bucket.”

Strong words about a car — how do you feel, Corvette fans? Would you purchase a mid-engine Corvette?


The following article is from the December 30, 2014 issue of the Wall Street Journal
Please note the federal government EPA requirements mandate that the automobile makers must bring the average miles-per-gallon of vehicles sold to 48.7 miles per gallon by the year 2025. What do you think that this will do to the price and availability of the Chevrolet Corvette? Think about it. You might like to communicate your thoughts about the EPA to your senators or congresswoman.

Below is the CAR & DRIVER PREVIEW $150,000 2017 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Zora C8 Hybrid V8 Mid-Engined 181 mph 0-60 mph 3.9s



Sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum swallows eight priceless Corvettes

Click on the photo below to go to the videos taken by the security camera, the quad-copter drone flying into the sinkhole, and the press confrence by the managers of the Museum

Following from the Museum press release:
We received a call at 5:44am from our security company alerting us of our motion detectors going off in our Skydome area of the Museum. Upon arrival it was discovered that a sinkhole had collapsed within the Museum. No one was in or around the Museum at the time. Eight Corvettes were affected by this incident. Those cars include:
1993 ZR-1 Spyder on loan from General Motors
2009 ZR1 “Blue Devil” on loan from General Motors1962 Black Corvette
1984 PPG Pace Car
1992 White 1 Millionth Corvette
1993 Ruby Red 40th Anniversary Corvette
2001 Mallett Hammer Z06 Corvette
2009 White 1.5 Millionth Corvette

To the right is a copy of two pages from the book: China by DK Eyewitness Travel, that speak to the subject of limestone caverns and sinkholes.

Note the photo of the sinkhole to the right that is 2,200 feet wide!

The problem at the Corvette Museum may be much greater than first thought.

       ---Will Murray