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Watch the Hennessey Corvette blow by the cop radar at 200 miles per hour --   Watch all the way to the end to see the cops radar!

Here is an amazing private Corvette collection

Corvette Shooting Brake        Callaway has released a few renderings of a design study for a shooting brake version of the C7 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. The company says it wants to create a long-roof version of America's sports car to offer buyers more interior room and a vehicle with "unique style." Callaway estimates that they will be able to effect the changes on the Corvette for around $15,000, and says the conversion work should be available through its network of dealers
Half-Corvettes for Sale    Do you need to buy half of a Corvette? If you do, you are in luck as Spokane has one of only three wrecking yards in the nation that are authorized to take in new General Motors vehicles. These are test cars or otherwise damaged cars which GM does not want to sell to the public. When I was there they had two new Corvettes. One they had just cut in half, and the other was in their shop with someone prepping it for the same fate. The later one looked like it was in perfect condition and showed 7,000 miles on the odometer. GM requires the salvage yard to provide a video tape of the vehicles being dismembered. So, you can buy the front half, or you can buy the back half... but you cannot buy both halves!.
     I can understand that GM has test vehicles or perhaps malfunctioning new vehicles that they would rather sell for salvage than offer to the public with no warranty. But, it still seems almost criminal to see this happening. The photo shows the rear halves of two corvettes which had been dismembered previously.